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Turkey is proposed to be expelled from NATO for aiding terrorists in Syria and inciting conflict within the Alliance

The North Atlantic Alliance may shrink by one country.

Turkey may be expelled from the North Atlantic Alliance for inciting a conflict within NATO, as well as for aiding terrorist structures in Syria. Another key factor is the alleged allied relations between Ankara and Moscow, which, according to NewsWeek, can lead to serious problems for the military bloc.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently met in Sochi to discuss military operations in northwest Syria. While on opposite sides in Syria, prior to the talks, Erdogan nevertheless described Turkey's military cooperation with Russia as "extremely important," citing what the US already knows that Turkey does not feel bound by its NATO responsibilities. He will not hesitate to follow the path most closely related to his own interests, regardless of where he is - in the West or in Russia. The US can learn something from this shrewd and shameless real-world politics. Even among NATO allies themselves, Turkey has fanned the flames of the conflict and Erdogan is becoming more and more aggressive in the Mediterranean. In 2020, Turkey ignored the UN-imposed arms embargo on Libya and responded with hostility when it faced French patrols. The US must rethink its responsibility for the permanent defense of Europe and stop giving allies like Turkey any concessions. ", - reports "NewsWeek", hinting that the United States may already consider the possibility of excluding Turkey from NATO.

Among other things, Washington itself is extremely unhappy with Turkey's interference in Syria and Erdogan's alliance with terrorists undermines the patience of the United States. This can really turn into very serious problems for Turkey.

“Turkey is not such a strong NATO ally. The situation in Libya showed that even Haftar's army easily smashed the positions of the Turkish military and the forces of the Government of National Accord, although it experienced problems with the availability of modern weapons. The Turkish Air Force is clearly outdated today and therefore Ankara does not represent any significant ally. ", - emphasizes the specialist.

He was accepted into the alliance only because there is a hygiene with the USSR

Turkey was admitted to NATO by the United States because of its geographic location. control of the Black Mediterranean Sea