Turkey was accused of attacking the Russian military airbase Khmeimim. Video

Turkey may be involved in the attack on the Russian military airbase Hmeymim.

Photographs and video footage of social media that captured the militants who attacked the Russian military air base “Khmimim” and the military airfield of the Syrian air forces in the province of Hama were published on social networks. The photographs and videos can be seen that the terrorists have stripes in the form of the Turkish flag, which proves at least indirect involvement of Turkey in a series of attacks.

In the presented video, the militants strike at the military airfield of the Syrian air forces in the province of Hama, while this is not the first time that Turkey is accused of attacking a Russian military airbase, in particular. A few days earlier, the Russian edition of Nezavisimaya Gazeta, referring to the information provided by “RT,” reported that the missiles with which the Russian military airbase had been fired were marked in Turkish, and several weeks earlier photos of mortar shells were also published. labeled in Turkish.

Nevertheless, experts note that on the presented video frames 9М22У shells are used, with Russian marking, which causes a lot of questions about their location among the militants.

It should be clarified that on the eve of the day the Russian military airbase “Khmeimim” was completely attacked by terrorists with previously unknown ground-to-ground missiles.

half the world use a Kalashnikov rifle, and that Russia is not blamed

I watch the news and see thousands of Syrians with fat muzzles with their families waiting for liberation and food from Russia. Their homeland conquer bandits, and they are not in the army? Where is the mobilization, where is the rush of liberation of the motherland? It seems to me that the Syrians no matter who will pump the oil. And the war goes between hired armies for hydrocarbons?