Syrian army


The Turkish army was surrounded by three tank brigades of Syria

The Turkish military found themselves surrounded by three SAA tank brigades.

A few hours ago it became known that the Syrian democratic forces, which are based on the Kurds, were forced to leave the territory of the village Ras al Ain, in fact, surrendering the city to Turkish military and Turkish terrorists supported by Ankara. However, almost immediately after that, the Syrian military sent three tank brigades to the area, which took Turkish troops and militants into the encirclement.

Significant forces of the Syrian Arab army are located on the side of Raqqa, and on the side of Al-Hasaki and Kamyshli three tank brigades have already been deployed, urgently deployed to these areas by the Syrian government forces.

“Having entered Ras Al Ain, the Turkish troops can only retreat, because having opposed the three tank brigades in the east and southeast and the significant forces in Raqqah, both the terrorists and the Turkish army will suffer a crushing defeat”, - the analyst notes.

Information about the environment of Turkish troops is confirmed not only by social networks, but also by the authorities of Syria itself.

“The Turkish army is surrounded by the Syrian in the border town of Ras al Ain in northeast Syria and will not be there for long”- quotes the words of the deputy of the Syrian parliament Jansset Kazan "RIA Novosti".

Earlier, Erdogan made threats against Syria, promising to declare war on Damascus, in case of assistance to the Kurds.