Strike against the Turkish military


Turkish armored vehicles that tried to break through to Ain Issa were destroyed in half an hour

The Kurds defeated the Turkish forces at Ain Iss in just half an hour.

A sizable column of Turkish armored vehicles attempted to launch an offensive on Ain Issa, from where Russian forces had recently withdrawn. Nevertheless, as soon as a convoy of armored vehicles and several tanks approached Ain Issa and fire was opened on the positions of the Kurds, the latter counterattacked the Turkish forces and destroyed the enemy forces clearly superior in weapons and equipment in just half an hour.

It is known that at least three armored vehicles of the Turkish army were destroyed from anti-tank missile systems, and two more were seriously damaged. At the same time, it is also reported about one damaged Turkish tank, although at the moment there has not been any convincing evidence of this from the Syrian Kurds.



On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the destruction of a Turkish armored car from an anti-tank missile system. Judging by the direct hit, the vehicle had no chance of surviving, which is equally true of the Turkish military inside.

This is the first attempt by the Turkish army and terrorists to storm Ain Issa. Given the resistance shown by the Kurds (and in addition to them, significant Syrian forces are also deployed here), if Turkey and the terrorists are able to advance in this direction, then only with very serious losses.

Stocks of Soviet (Russian) weapons are not depleted.

Very implausible bravado