Turkish military base attacked by dozens of Iranian missiles

Iranian forces attacked a Turkish military base.

Against the background of the ongoing confrontation between Iran and Turkey, it became known that at night a Turkish military base was attacked in the area of ​​the city of Bashik. Dozens of rockets were fired at the Turkish military base. As a result, there is very serious destruction, although the data on the victims and the dead have not been officially commented on by the current hour.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of the attack on a Turkish military base located in the area of ​​the city of Bashik. It is known that this settlement is strategically important for the Turkish troops, as it allows you to control the Kurdish formations on the territory of Iraq.

At the moment, sources report at least 12 missiles fired at the Turkish military base. In this case, in all likelihood, multiple launch rocket systems were used.

The Turkish side managed to blame the pro-Iranian forces for this attack and threatened with a tough response, especially since, as it turned out, the attack is far from the first in recent days.

“The media of Iranian-backed militia groups claim that the missile attack was carried out on a Turkish military base in Bashik. In recent days, missile attacks on Bashiki have become more frequent. Most likely, Iranian militia groups are responsible for the attacks. "- reports the Turkish journalist Bedrettin Bölükbashi.

The reason for the attack on the Turkish military base is Ankara's refusal to fulfill the previously delivered ultimatum on the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraqi territory.

Brunet_Cгop, do you know why the US hasn’t gouged Iran yet? Because they CAN'T! Even all of NATO. On the contrary, like bunnies, they negotiate a "nuclear deal" with them, ignore the incidents in the Strait of Hormuz, and so on. Israel cannot. And there is nothing to say about Turkey, in the neo-Ottoman fever that has dismissed its "tentacles", from which they have become impermissibly thin

However, you are not a reader, but a writer. For the gifted, the base is in Iraq. not in Turkey. What does Article 5 have to do with it?

Iran can even afford to attack American ships and military. And what did the Turks want while on the territory of Iran? Don't be cornered.

I wonder if NATO will comply with Article 5 when Turkey and Iran are in war?

Is there a UFO flying there?

If so, Iran is over. But, most likely, none of this happened.



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