Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attacked the Russian military in Libya

Turkey has published footage of the Bayraktar TB2 drone strikes on the Russian military.

Video footage has appeared on the Web showing numerous attacks by the Turkish military using Bayraktar TB2 attack drones on the positions of the Russian military from the Wagner PMC in Libya.

In the presented video frames, you can see how Turkish attack drones purposefully hunt specifically for the Russian military. At the same time, apparently, the PMCs were not without losses, since in several episodes one can see that immediately after the redeployment of small groups, they were hit. The video, according to the source, was taken last year during the Battle of Tripoli.

According to official data, representatives of the Wagner PMC were not present in Libya, however, the forces of the Libyan National Army and local media published footage on which it was possible to identify not only Russian mercenaries, but also Russian equipment. In particular, we are talking about the same ZRPK "Pantsir", the complex "Krasukha-4", etc.

Earlier, Business Insider reported that up to several thousand Russian military personnel could be on the territory of Libya, but this information has not received any confirmation.

... Rusnano ... did its best ..

I wonder where it was written, we are from Russia

Again, the Americans shot some wedding, probably in Afghanistan.
But the video on the network "Syria. Ka-52 Night Hunt" does not give any doubts about the effective work of the Russian army.

You can write anything under such frames. Where did you see the form of PMC?

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One blast is not a targeted attack. It could be a mortar attack, what does a drone attack have to do with it?

And why is it "PMC Wagner", these running people in motley civilian clothes?
Maybe they were the Apache Indians? Where is the inscription "Wagner"?



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