Turkish drones freely violate the airspace of Armenia despite the "Torah", "Krasukhi" and S-300

Turkish drones freely violate the borders of Armenia.

The Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles freely violate the borders of the Armenian airspace, completely ignoring the modern weapons in service with the Armenian Armed Forces - the S-300 "Favorite" air defense system, the "Tor" air defense system and the "Krasukha" electronic warfare systems (are in service with the Russian military air base in Gyumri - ed.).


At this moment, it is known that we are not talking about the disrupted operation of global positioning means - drones really penetrate the air border of Armenia, flying in the area of ​​Yerevan. According to open sources, the drones carry out relatively short flights, after which they return to Turkish airspace.


Judging by how the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack UAVs violate the airspace of Armenia, at the moment the RA air defense systems cannot not only shoot them down, but even identify them, although at the same time, such cases are not commented in Yerevan, which causes very serious concern.

Earlier, there was information that the Russian military began to supply Armenia with modern means to combat drones, however, there is also evidence that Yerevan ordered the supply of electronic warfare systems from Germany.

As an electronic engineer, I will say that it cannot be such that an aircraft engine does not generate mechanical electrical or noise frequencies ... It's just a matter of time ...

What was required to prove, Russian weapons in scrap metal

The Turks are waiting for the campaign only for an excuse to attack Armenia, it was not for nothing that they were pulling troops to the border with Armenia. And our transport workers, I am also transferring something, obviously something not very good is brewing, so to speak.
Here whoever has the "iron bells" will win. If the Turks trample, NATO will be nervous about smoking, and the Russian Federation will have to answer the Turks. One thing is not clear, do the Turks really do not understand this, where are their generals, who were adequate and kept the balance in the country from ataturk, they do not feel sorry for their soldiers, citizens? Erdogan's ambitions will not lead the country to good.