Military in Syria


Turkish militants attacked Russian armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles - there were no casualties. Video

Terrorists attacked the Russian military patrol - there were no wounded and no casualties.

A few hours ago, during the implementation of the next patrol mission, terrorists actively supported by the Turkish side attacked a Russian military convoy while driving along the M4 highway. Russian military armored vehicles were thrown at stones, bottles and other items, and although there were no casualties and casualties among the Russian military, judging by the video frames presented, the armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles of the Russian military police might have received some damage.

In the presented video, you can see that terrorists who had previously repeatedly shot in the frame of the battlefield with the Syrian troops threw Russian military equipment with various heavy objects, including not only armored vehicles, but also gun turrets, which does not exclude the likelihood that that the armament of the Russian military could be damaged. It is noteworthy that the Turkish military on the ground do not at all prevent terrorists, although the Turkish side has committed itself to ensuring security in the region.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the incident, however, earlier, contrary to the publication of other personnel of the attack on Russian military convoys, representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry did not see any violations in this.

correctly ! and it’s a waste of money and the lives of our soldiers, it turns out! We must send to the patrol that general rubbish that prohibits opening fire on terrorists.

The first time I hear about terrorists with stones and bottles. Are they not from Putin's cartoons?

Looking at these frames, do not you freely wonder? And why is there at all then our Russian troops there are engaged in patrolling? What are they patrolling there? So they rushed along the highway several tens of kilometers and left. And the militants as there were and remained. Today they threw stones at us, and tomorrow they will lay a landmine. Some kind of window dressing is happening on our part. No one wants. And the Turkish troops, too, with them for one. So for reporting, we also drove with our patrol, such as "we are fulfilling the agreement." A couple of times I would give a turn from the APCs to the top of the goals, and everyone would scatter along holes. And he who does not want to run away is to blame. And it turns out that we undertook to patrol the M-4 highway and organize control and order there, but in fact we don’t control anything there, and we don’t provide security even to our military personnel. I think it is necessary to act with tougher measures. They would have bombed along the route a few minutes before the patrol, and after that the patrol was already allowed along the route.