Turkish attack Syria


Turkish militants launched an offensive in northern Syria - they are already 80 kilometers from the Russian air base

A terrorist offensive has begun in northern Syria.

Despite the fact that the offensive by Turkish troops and Turkish jihadists was supposed to start in Tel Rifat, it became known that, contrary to expectations, a surprise attack was made on Kurdish forces in the area of ​​Tel Tamr. Initially, there was artillery shelling from the Turkish troops. After that, a group of militants tried to capture several nearby settlements with a battle, however, the Kurdish formations managed to repel the enemy's attack.

The militants' attacks continued tonight as well - the terrorists tried to use the darkness in order to catch the Kurdish formations by surprise, however, the militants only suffered losses and could not achieve any success.

It is noteworthy that the terrorists launched their attack near the Russian military airbase in Kamyshly, where Russian combat helicopters were previously based and, probably, are still based. Taking into account the agreements reached between the Kurds, Damascus and Moscow, the Russian military, in case of a critical situation, will be ready to support the Kurdish formations from the air.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of striking the Kurdish positions in the Tel Tamra area, as well as the transfer of significant enemy forces to this region. The latter do not have armored vehicles, as a result of which they do not pose any significant threat. Quite a big danger comes from the Turkish army, which can also launch a powerful attack.

They say Russia and Syria are attacking almost to Istanbul, but now it's the other way around?