Turkish militants captured dozens of Soviet tanks, Mi-35 helicopters and tons of ammunition

Turkish militants received dozens of Soviet tanks and even Mi-35 combat helicopters.

The capture by the Turkish militants of the territory of Tripoli International Airport turned out to be a huge loss for the Libyan National Army. Moreover, not only in manpower - during the offensive more than a hundred soldiers of the Haftar army were eliminated, but also in technology - the militants managed to capture several dozen Soviet tanks, tons of ammunition and even several combat helicopters. Initially, information that appeared about the appearance of several air defense systems by terrorists, including the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, has not yet been confirmed by any photo or video evidence.

On the presented video frames you can see that the Turkish terrorists and the forces of the Government of National Unity of Libya seized a huge amount of weapons, simply thrown by the Libyan national army fighters. Most of the weapons are in a condition suitable for combat missions, including several rotary-wing aircraft.

The LNA command does not comment on the abandonment of the strategically important region, however. Given the current situation, experts believe that if the PNE forces supported by Turkey and the militants launch a large-scale attack on the VLA forces, they will be able to defeat them within a few days, due to serious losses for the Haftar army during the recent clashes.