UAV Bayraktar TB2


Turkish UAVs "Bayraktar TB2" first spotted over Donbass

For the first time, Ukraine has used Turkish shock drones in Donbas.

For the first time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have used the Turkish attack and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles "Bayraktar TB2" in the Donbass. This is evidenced by special services that allow you to monitor the air situation, while the incident occurred against the background of new information regarding the fact that the offensive operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbass will begin in the second half of April.

Sources report that BayraktarTB2 drones did not strike, as the flight was carried out outside the zone of maximum target engagement range, however, experts draw attention to the fact that drones may well be used to correct attacks by Ukrainian forces.

“Today the UAV Bayraktar-TB2 went on a tour of the eastern regions of Ukraine. Considering the distances covered by the drone, clearly exceeding its combat radius (150 km), Turkish specialists have deployed a network of repeaters on Ukrainian territory. Judging by the picture, it allows the drone to move from the airfield in Nikolaev in transit through Melitopol to the city of Kharkov itself. This drone was engaged in checking the performance of this system. Although there is a possibility that it was transferred to Kharkiv due to the photos of a large Russian military camp in the Voronezh region being circulated on the network, ”the South Wind community informs Telegram.

Taking into account the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already begun to use the Turkish attack and reconnaissance drones "Bayraktar TB2" in Donbass, experts draw attention to the fact that in the near future the Ukrainian military may use drones to strike at the forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. which, taking into account the concentration of forces, can lead to quite serious losses.