Turkish F-16s flew to Yerevan at air strike distance

Turkish F-16 fighters flew up to the capital of Armenia at an air strike distance.

A few hours ago, the Turkish side created another very dangerous provocation by sending its F-16 fighters directly to Yerevan. According to sources, at least two Turkish combat aircraft headed for Yerevan, and 56 kilometers from the capital, which is the radius of destruction of the aircraft missiles in service with the Turkish Air Force, deployed, obviously, having worked out the strike on the capital of Armenia.

According to sources, a pair of Turkish fighters flew in the airspace of Azerbaijan, however, the provocations did not end there - at least four helicopters of the Azerbaijani Air Force and the Turkish Air Force were seen near the Armenian border, which also approached the Armenian borders almost point-blank, however, violate they did not, realizing that the military would immediately open fire on both Turkish and Azerbaijani helicopters.

It is not yet known what exactly such provocations are connected with, however, given the loud statements of Ankara, experts believe that thereby Armenia is forced to attack, which in turn will allow Turkey to enter into conflict with this country legally, however, given the support from the outside Russia has so far managed to avoid aggravating the situation.

It seems to be a site about aviation. Maybe your experts will look at the nearest point from Yerevan to the Azerbaijani border on the map. The minimum distance is the same 56 km. and this is the junction of the borders of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia. What maneuver there can be if after 2 km. territory of Iran. I read fake news, but I almost never met before such a stupid one.

Well, you can safely assign these words of yours not to Armen, but to Azerbaijan, it is you and not Armenia who put a spoke in the wheel. As for Turkey, I hasten to please you, Turkey is quietly seizing Azerbaijan in order to oust Russia from Azerbaijan, that's all, but Turkey does not want to fight with Armenia and Turkey has completely different plans, he did not put his bases in Azerbaijan for nothing

Can you name the sources? RFP? Finger, Floor, Ceiling?

The way Azerbaijan behaves in the revived conflict with Armenia causes disappointment and disrespect for the country itself and its president. What happened? Why did Aliyev pull up Turkey? Or maybe it is Turkey that initiates stirring up the conflict, drawing Azerbaijan into saber rattling? Then it is sad that Azerbaijan is becoming a Turkish puppet. Erdogan has plans to recreate the Ottoman Empire, but what does this mean for Azerbaijan to be the prospect of a provincial Turkish province?

And what about Russia's betrayal of selling weapons to Azeris and Turks, the Armenians do not shoot at the Russians, but the Turks shoot down your planes and kill your ambassadors,

So far, Russia is betraying Armenia! Selling weapons to those who killed pilots and the ambassador to Turkey. Armenia fell under the genocide thanks to Russia, as it took its side. Learn the story "smart guy"!

The Armenians know very well that without the support of Russia they will not survive a single day. They completely forgot the history and geography, where is America and where is Russia :) Armen, you must agree, you need to be friends with your neighbors, and not put a spoke in your wheels, especially with such a neighbor as the Russian Federation, jokes are bad.

The biggest problem is ignorance of history. And when clever people start to reason and express opinions, I would like to remind the folk wisdom: "You will get off the clever in silence"

Azerbadzhan airspace can fly 24/7 but the spirit is not enough to break

No need to panic in an empty place. 56 kilometers from Yerevan is the territory of Turkey.


Well, this is normal, considering that they did not invade the territory of Armenia. Armenia has occupied 27% of the Azerbaijani territory for 20 years and is not withdrawing troops from the neighboring Republic, despite 4 UN resolutions.

Well, how can Armenians betray Russia?