Turkish F-16s staged a provocation against Russian front-line bombers

The Turkish Air Force staged a new provocation against the Russian Su-24.

Turkish information resources published a video that captures the moment of dangerous and openly provocative actions of the Turkish Air Force against a pair of Russian front-line supersonic bombers Su-24. In addition to demonstrating aggressive intentions, Turkish pilots approached Russian supersonic bombers several times dangerously, demonstrating the presence of weapons.

As the news agency found out, the F-16 fighters of the Turkish Air Force were raised from the territory of Poland to intercept a pair of Russian front-line bombers, which allegedly took off from the territory of the Kaliningrad region.

Despite the fact that the actions of Turkish pilots violated a number of international norms, including a ban on approaching military aircraft, the crews of Turkish F-16s also behaved quite aggressively towards Russian military aircraft, including demonstrating the presence of weapons.

It is known that any serious incident was avoided. The fact that Turkish pilots were undertaking dangerous provocations against Russian military aircraft, while the latter were in international airspace, indicates that Russia may begin to act in a similar way against the Turkish air force, which is flying over the Black Sea.

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