Night strike


Turkish fighters hit US military

Turkish f-16 fighters hit the convoy with the U.S. military.

The air strikes of the Turkish Air Force, inflicted about a day ago, were directed not only against the Kurds, the main part of whom is the formation of the Syrian Democratic Forces, but also against the American military. According to the source, in the convoy with the equipment of the Syrian Democratic Forces, there were about 50 American soldiers, who only miraculously did not come under an air strike.

According to a number of sources, during the night attacks of the Turkish Air Force, they managed to do without the dead, however, while 14 people were injured. There are no American military among them, however, experts believe that this is the reason for the angry statements of the American leader, who stated that the United States would provide any assistance to the Syrian democratic forces and that the toughest measures would be immediately taken against Turkey.

According to some reports, to ensure security in northern Syria, the Kurds were given short-range anti-aircraft missile systems, which were also in a military convoy attacked by the Turkish Air Force

Apparently nothing has happened so far!

"According to a number of sources" without specifying at least one - the information is unreliable, in other words: fake