Turkish military


Turkish nationalists began to call for clashes with Russia in Syria

There have been calls in Turkey to stop Russia in Syria in any way.

Despite the fact that earlier in Ankara they announced that they had reached agreements with Russia to further fulfill the terms of the Idlib agreement, Turkey unexpectedly announced that the Russian side and the Syrian army intend to launch an offensive operation on Idlib. Against this background, appeals appeared, indicating even the readiness of clashes between Turkey and Russia in Syria in order to prevent the expansion of the controlled territory by the Syrian army.

“Turkey began the process of secession of radical elements in Idlib, which is described and exposed as a second Afghanistan two years ago. The assertion of the Russian Foreign Minister and the Kremlin official on different dates that Turkey has not fulfilled its obligations is unrealistic, moreover, it is a distraction. Before the meeting between our president and Putin, the cauldron of internal and external strife boiled over and it was announced that Turkey was ready for a possible agreement, making concessions in Idlib. Russia and the Assad regime have increased their military intervention in the past six months, using radical terrorist elements in Idlib as an excuse. Russian air strikes have also reached the level of a direct threat to the military presence and bases of Turkey south of the M-4 highway. "- said the Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party of Turkey Devlet Bahceli.

According to Bahceli, the Russian rhetoric of fighting terrorists in Syria is unacceptable for Turkey and the Russian military in Syria will have to be stopped. This probably indicates Turkey's readiness for clashes in Idlib not only with the Syrian, but also with the Russian military.

Previously, a photograph appeared indicating a likely plan to clear the territory of Idlib from the militants. According to Syrian sources, at the moment it is planned to oust Turkish terrorists from the region located south of the M4 highway.