Turkish S-400s shot down three British drones in their airspace

Turkey has attacked foreign drones for the first time in its airspace.

Three British Meggitt BTT-3 Banshee unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down in the airspace in northern Turkey using Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. Two missiles fired successfully hit targets moving at some distance from the Turkish coastline at a speed of about 180-200 km / h.

“Turkey has finally tested in real combat conditions the S-400 Triumph, purchased from Russia, despite the US threats. Previously, no exercises using these anti-aircraft missile systems have attracted such attention. And, as Ankara reported, during the tests "Zafer" (the Turkish word for "Triumph") three targets were shot down: British-made Meggitt Banshee drones, which develop a speed of 200 km / h at an altitude of up to 7000 meters. The Turkish teachings caused a resonance - they are mentioned in many countries and in different interpretations. It is assumed that Russian air defense facilities must destroy at least 10 training targets, which should be used as Meggitt Banshee drones. This small machine, depending on the modification, is equipped with a rotary or jet engine and is specially designed for testing air defense systems. ", - about it сообщает information publication "DatViet".

It should be noted that despite the statements about three missile launches, only one got on the video, which caused quite a lot of questions from specialists. In addition, there is no evidence of a target hit on the videos, in connection with which it was even suggested that the released missile defense system completely missed the drone.

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