Turkish electronic warfare systems drowned out Russian Pantsir-S at the Khmeimim airbase - the Tor air defense system entered the battle

Turkish electronic warfare systems forcibly interfered with the work of Russian electronic warfare at the Khmeimim airbase.

About a day ago, the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim" came under another attack by jihadists who tried to strike at a Russian military facility, apparently intending to damage combat aircraft and the airfield infrastructure. According to some reports, the Turkish military contributed to this by forcibly jamming the Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems, as a result of which the Tor systems had to carry out the tasks of hitting air targets.

"Russian air defense systems" Tor "near the Khmeimim airbase in Syria fired on and destroyed 3 enemy drones. A military source reports that the domestic all-weather tactical anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) "Tor" has shown its best qualities, leaving the enemy no chance of survival. The exact identity of the UAV is still unknown. Three enemy drones approached Khmeimim from the northeast - this is the side of the Idlib de-escalation zone. There are no casualties among the military personnel of the Russian Federation, military facilities of the RF Armed Forces also left the battle without damage ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Federal News Agency".

It should be clarified that until now, air attacks on the Russian military airbase in Syria were repelled by the Pantsir-S complexes, however, due to the fact that Turkish electronic warfare systems are deployed in the Idlib province, and in Turkey itself they said that they learned how to fight with these air defenses (in Libya), it is likely that Turkey did indeed contribute to the attack on the Russian military airfield.

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Because the Pantsiri is a dubious decision, which was lobbied under Taburetkin and Medvedev for kickbacks. No one in the world places control and guidance systems on the same chassis with a firing complex. However, it's not a pity for export. The main thing is that this target on wheels is not supplied to the troops.

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These were exercises on the topic: Completing the combat mission of Thor while destroying the Patsir.

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It is not difficult to suppress 1-2 stations. Disabling even a battery is still too much for NATO members. Maybe I'm wrong)

It is a pity that in the comments there is simply an attitude towards the President and not a technical analysis of the situation ... every taxi driver is the Commander-in-Chief and every laundress is Lavrov ... and how many leaders of the GRU ...

Well, it means that unknown drones need to blow the Turkish electronic warfare to shreds, and Russia will express its deepest regrets about this!

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Thor 12, Shell 20. Something like that.

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It is very similar to practicing an air defense system in combat conditions, as well as demonstrating the superiority of complex protection

The frequencies are different. And the rab cannot block all frequencies, they will interfere with their ...

All right, all right. Well, who told you that they were constantly covering up. in my opinion, a successful improvisation, from our military, well, not quite improvisation, but took into account the experience of the war in Libya and prepared a worthy answer


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Again, in its repertoire, the aviation industry ... The use of electronic warfare is equated to the use of weapons. About Khibiny and Donald Cook is a beautiful patriotic tale.

All this does not work as well as we want to see, and from what Thor sees, the shells will not be able to work. It is not a problem to show a picture on the radar on the network, and it is very difficult to direct your complex to invisibility, and even the GOS should see the target if it is active and makes a decision itself. Although ... it is much more difficult to interfere with an already flying missile from somewhere on the side than directly from the target to which it flies, even if it is a ground station with a high output power: when the seeker took the target for tracking, it no longer twists its head and shines its side is unreal.

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The fact is that these complexes are used for other purposes. This complex is designed to repel a sudden attack for a short time and in the moment. There should be no further repetition of the attack. Complexes of a longer range must destroy targets at their own distance within their scheduled timeframes, and missile systems on the ground must destroy all ground targets! And it is impossible to constantly hide behind a complex not intended for this!

It's strange. Why are Carapace radars suppressed by EW, but Thor is not? Something is wrong here.
They seem to be combined into one network and duplicate each other, depending on the range of the attacking enemy. Shells knock down nearby targets. Torah and Buki are engaged in medium-range targets. The most distant targets are occupied by C300 and C400

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Why not? They felt their strength in Libya, having smashed ours along with the shells, and now they are trying. In Libya, however, we had a more modest aviation component.

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Invented ... For a long time, the S-300/400 radars Pantsir, Tor, SDRO have been working with one environment, that one sees - everyone sees.

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