Turkish President


Turkish media showed Crimea as part of Turkey

Turkey annexed Crimea to its composition.

Turkish journalists published a video claiming that the Crimean Peninsula is a territorial part of Turkey. According to the TNT news agency, Ankara continues to direct Crimea on its territorial claims, as evidenced by a report from one of the Turkish terrorists, behind which there is a map, according to which, Turkey includes not only the peninsula, but also part of the mainland parts of Russia.

Ankara so far prefers not to comment on the submitted information, however, this is not the first time that Turkey and the militants controlled by it declare a part of the Russian territory under the jurisdiction of Ankara, and judging by the inscription on the map located behind the Syrian militant, we are talking about the creation of a new Ottoman Empire.

Experts say that in reality, such provocations from Turkey can seriously undermine relations between Ankara and Moscow, however, there is no real threat from Turkey to either Crimea or mainland Russia.

“Such provocations are part of Ankara’s policy. Nevertheless, what we see in Syria and Libya allows us to argue that if Turkey really wants to declare its claims to Crimea, then this could become a very serious problem for Erdogan - Russia does not like and does not tolerate such statements ”, - the expert marks.

From the Turks of the soldiers as from a dung bullet

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The Turks lost the remnants of their brains with their dreams of restoring the Ottoman Empire! They have already turned Egypt against themselves, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, even Israel and Saudi Arabia! All these countries have recently realized that Turkey is gaining strength - the main threat to them. And for us, she is a historical enemy with whom we fought more than with any other country. Erdogan’s current policy will inevitably lead to a large-scale war between Turkey and other countries of the region. In this case, Russia should not miss the chance to lead the anti-Turkish coalition and inflict a devastating blow on the NATO member country.

Taki these stupid Turks! This is a map of the times of Ivan the Terrible! Only the poor fellows forgot how, when Sultan Osman attempted to seize Astrakhan's 30th army, 4 Russian soldiers were defeated at zero. Since cut off!

If you look deep into history. That (according to a large set Crimea is Turkish territory. In a thousand and eight hundred some year (I don’t remember exactly) the Russian empire occupied Crimea and chopped it off from Turkey. If Russia chopped off Crimea from Ukraine, it is logical to assume that Turkey has the right to Crimea.

There, besides the Crimea, they attached themselves to all of Cyprus)))