Turkish media announced the imminent transition of Crimea to Turkish sovereignty

Turkey began to present claims to Russia for the territorial ownership of Crimea.

Turkish mass media report that after Turkey's advance in the Caucasus, Ankara intends to present claims to Russia for territorial ownership of Crimea. According to Turkey, the Crimean peninsula was illegally taken away from the Ottoman Empire and now Ankara wants to return "its territory" - this is precisely why Erdogan's refusal to recognize the reunification of Crimea with Russia is connected.

“Erdogan does not consider Crimea to be Russian. But he also does not consider it to belong to Ukraine. According to Erdogan, in 1783 Russia unjustly took Crimea from the Ottoman Empire, and this land should be returned to the empire of progress of modern Turkey. Turkey has acquired a strong position in many post-Soviet territories. The fall of 2020 showed how much influence Erdogan has gained. Outwardly, Turkey's support for Azerbaijan's initiative to return Nagorno-Karabakh, from the point of view of Moscow, is still shocking ", - about it сообщает Turkish edition "Haberler".

Such radical statements can obviously seriously complicate relations between Moscow and Ankara.

Russia has also drew attention to Erdogan's readiness to try to act against Russia in Crimea.

"If Turkey actually joins the so-called Kiev project" Crimean Platform ", which is essentially an anti-Crimean alliance hostile against Crimeans, it will commit a serious strategic mistake.", - about this, with reference to the head of the Crimean parliament committee on people's diplomacy and interethnic relations Yuri Gempel, сообщает Russian information publication "".

And what is there to be surprised? Russia itself took the "dirty linen" out. She herself stated that Crimea was Russian and took it away from Ukraine. But before that he was Turkish. Erdogan also has the right to Crimea. Why not. Russia took it from the Turks, and now from the Ukrainians. NOT FAIR!

Well then, African blacks, American Indians. A Slavic shield hangs on the gates of Istanbul, let Erdogan inquire where it came from.

And Cyprus ....

Well that's not news. Turkey has really been trying for a long time to prepare itself a bridgehead for the invasion of Crimea. Huge sums of money were allocated to the "Mejlis" allegedly for social support of the repressed Tatar population, but in fact - for the creation of a radical nationalist movement. Only they have not yet realized that this is a waste of money and effort. No one is waiting for the Turks here. They are not expected anywhere. Turkey on the Earth's body is superfluous.

Gentlemen! Big politics at all times was very cynical. Therefore, excuse me, but when a country unilaterally begins to declare the ownership of territories from a position of strength, one can without hesitation raise the question of the possibility of the existence of this very country. Nothing personal . Today politics with humanity is not on the way.

this country claims our lands. Slyly stains here and there. And we go there on vacation, buy massively their goods .. I have been campaigning against such actions in favor of Turkey for a number of years. We make the potential enemy STRONGER! Think about it. Look in stores for the country of origin. do not go to the Turks to rest!

Yes, soon the Dardanelle will be closed and where the ships will go

Yeah, but in place of Turkey there is a nuclear desert ...

Crimea before Turkey was Greek ...

Since when did Abkhazia become Russian territory?

Erdogan wants to seize Crimea, which is mostly populated by Russians? Rave.
This is a completely different matter ... not the same as taking control of the territory where your own people live.

Do you know how much a plane to Kamchatka costs even from Novosibirsk? Take an interest.

Erdogan, you are a great ruler, but not almighty. You don't need to plot intrigues against Russia, at these events, you will break your neck. I speak you, not because I humiliate you, but because I am an ordinary citizen of Russia and I am nobody against you. Anyway, my opinion will be lost among thousands of other statements. Taking advantage of the opportunity of darkness and darkness, where, I - no one can say as your conscience - urgently make peace with Russia! And you will have your only friend!

What is wrong with the Dominican Republic and Cuba?

You forgot to add "together with Ukraine".

But it won't work

Turkey is a wolf in sheep's clothing. And vacationers in Turkey need to quickly get their feet out of there. Few people died there? People wake up, Turkey has never been our friend. All the time with a stone in his bosom.

They want to try again, they seem to have forgotten how they got it in full in Crimea.

no matter how Turkey goes under the sovereignty of Crimea

If you dig so far, then the eastern part of Turkey should go to Armenia, and the notorious Karabakh too.

Well, stay there for permanent residence, what can you do in Russia.

On the territory of Russia there are two warm seas, the Black and the Caspian. You can rest there too. And also in the Crimea, Krasnodar Territory, Mineralnye Vody, fly to Lake Baikal or Kamchatka, to see the Pacific Ocean at local volcanoes. Alternatively, there is still sunny Abkhazia.

Let Ararat be given to the Armenians, this is their former territory.

It will be very funny when the Turks start shooting down "Putin's falcons" from the S-400.

To Russian Antalya, Kemer and other Russian resorts on the Black and Mediterranean Seas.

We are happy to have a rest in Turkey! The service is much better than ours.

As far as I remember, Crimea was not part of the Ottoman Empire, it was only in vassal dependence.

Where will we go on vacation !?

Who does Erdogan think he is, the new Fuhrer?

Rather, Constantinople and the Bosphorus will come under the jurisdiction of Russia. Turkey will disappear from the world map as a relic of the past.

Leave Crimea alone. All.

Have a rest? Bring them the Russians, more money.