Turkish tanks M60 entered the territory of Syria

Turkey introduced its M60 tanks to northern Syria.

Turkey launched an offensive in northern Syria and has already transferred its M60 tanks to a number of regions in this direction. At least one of these combat vehicles was spotted at the front in northern Syria, but given the length of the front line, we are talking about several dozen such tanks.

In the presented video footage, filmed by terrorists of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group, you can see the sending of militants to the front. At some point, the M60 tank of the Turkish army appears in the frame. Given the fact that the Turkish side did not transfer heavy combat vehicles to the terrorists, the Turkish troops nevertheless launched an offensive, although they do not officially advertise this, obviously, fearing attacks from the SAA and the Russian Aerospace Forces.

At the same time, last year the Turkish M60 tanks could not successfully prove themselves - at least 16 combat vehicles of this type were destroyed by the Syrian forces and the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

According to so far unconfirmed reports, over the past week, Turkish troops could have transferred several dozen artillery pieces, about 30-40 tanks, several dozen armored personnel carriers and up to two thousand troops to Syria. At the moment, attempts were made to take the city of Tel Tamr by force, but the Kurdish formations managed to successfully repel the attack of the militants.