Tank destroyed


Turkish tanks went to the positions of the Syrian troops and were completely destroyed

The Turkish military attack on the SAA forces failed with heavy losses.

Turkish tanks M60T, which in Ankara were called invincible combat vehicles of the Turkish army, were easily destroyed by the Syrian government forces during an attempt to attack the positions of the SAA. According to sources, at least 15 combat vehicles remained buried on the battlefield, and the Syrian army managed to repel the attack in just a few minutes.



In the photographs presented, you can see destroyed and seriously damaged combat vehicles, and, according to sources, the armored vehicles of the Turkish troops were destroyed using field anti-tank guns, as well as using Russian-made ATGMs.

According to the source, we are talking about one of the most failed attacks of the Turkish army, which took place at the beginning of this year, and it is for this reason that the Turkish military command decided to sign agreements to de-escalate the situation, in fact, by going to surrender, as a result of successful counterattacks by the Syrian military were captured territories of hundreds of square kilometers.

“The Syrian army actually defeated the forces superior in armament. Ankara and Erdogan will remember this disastrous military operation for a long time, not to mention dozens of lost drones, several dozen armored vehicles, etc. ", - emphasizes the specialist.