Turkish terrorists attacked Russian military headquarters

Turkish militants attacked the Russian military headquarters in northern Syria.

A few hours ago, the Rojava Network published information that Turkish terrorists, contrary to the agreements of Ankara and Moscow, launched an attack on the Russian military headquarters, located in the vicinity of Tel Rifaat.

It should be clarified that the information resource does not have information about the presence of the Russian military headquarters in the Syrian Tel Rifaat area, however, information that the militants attacked the specified area is true, except that according to one source, we are talking about artillery shelling, and according to another - rocket fire.

Given the information provided by the Rojava Network, the shells fell near the Russian military headquarters, however, no information was provided regarding possible material damage.

It should be clarified that the terrorist attack was carried out after the Turkish Foreign Minister accused Russia of disrupting the agreements between Moscow and Ankara, and threatened to resume the military operation.

No official comments have been made by the Russian military command on this subject.