Turkish terrorists captured two Pantsir-S air defense missile systems and Kvadrat air defense systems, after the Libyans fled from the air base in Tripoli. Video

The Libyan National Army suffered a colossal defeat in Tripoli.

A few hours ago, as part of a large-scale military offensive operation, terrorists, the Turkish military and the forces of the Government of National Unity of Libya were able to seize control of Tripoli International Airport, on the territory of which, according to several sources, there were at least two serviceable ZRPK “Pantsir- C "and several anti-aircraft missile systems" Square "(" Cube "), not to mention military military equipment.

This is not the first crushing defeat of the army of Khalifa Haftar in Libya in recent years, and, given the loss of a strategically important military area, experts believe that in the near future the Libyan national army will have to cede militants hundreds of square kilometers of territory.

As for the two Pantsir-S air defense systems captured by the militants, so far this information has not received any confirmation, however, the Libyan National Army was urgently evacuated from previously controlled territory and simply threw military equipment. Moreover, earlier satellite images showed the location at Tripoli airport and several complexes "Square" ("Cube"), which could also be captured by terrorists.

The press service of the command of the Libyan National Army has not yet commented on its defeat in Tripoli, however, given the fact that the Haftar forces did not take advantage of the fighters and bombers that appeared in service, it is obvious that the LNA is rapidly losing control of this area.


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