Syrian army


Turkish military attacked Syrian army positions

The Turkish military attacked the positions of the Syrian government forces.

In the area of ​​the Syrian city of Ain Issa, the Turkish military attacked the positions of the Syrian Arab Army, thereby entering into the first clash with government forces after the start of the military operation in the north of the Arab Republic. Sources report the use of heavy weapons and artillery by the Turkish military, however, there are no official comments from either Turkey or Syria.

It should be clarified that until now the Turkish military practically did not make fire contact, attracting for this mainly the forces of militants and terrorists, thereby intending to avoid a direct or indirect clash with the Russian military.

Earlier it became known that Turkey intends to continue the military operation in northern Syria, despite the objections of the NATO countries, Russia and a number of other countries, while it should be noted that with the advent of the Syrian government forces and Russian military units in the northern part of the Arab Republic, the Turkish offensive was significantly weakened.