Turkish military


Turkish military threatens rebellion against Erdogan due to beating by Russians in Syria

Turkey faces a new military coup.

Erdogan’s invasion of Syria and massive losses among the Turkish military, destroyed armored vehicles, and in addition to that, the Anka drone, costing several million dollars, shot down a few days ago, resulted in protests in the Turkish army, which threatens Erdogan with a military coup if the latter does not able to ensure the security of Turkish troops in Syria.

This is directly stated by senior military officials who are already retired.

“It is unprofitable for our country to work against the Syrian central government and carry the burden of an imperialist indirect war. Of course, in foreign policy, you sometimes take actions that can be considered immoral, but with the expectation of profit ”- quotes the words of ex-admiral Turker Erturk publication "Reporter".

Riots, apparently, are brewing in the ranks of Turkish troops, several hundred of which are actually surrounded by the Syrian army, and in the event of any military aggression by Ankara will become the first targets of the Syrian troops. Moreover, Turkish military convoys are not allowed into a number of surrounded observation posts and Turkish soldiers openly declare their readiness to surrender in order to be captured by the SAA, because otherwise they would simply die without food.