Chemical attack


Turkish military used unknown chemical warfare agents in northern Syria

The Turkish military was convicted of using unknown chemical warfare agents in northern Syria and Iraq.

After several devastating defeats of the Turkish military in the north of Syria and Iraq in an attempt to conduct a military operation against the Kurds, it became known that the Turkish troops began to use unknown chemical warfare agents. According to preliminary data, we can talk about chlorine, however, it will be possible to obtain reliable data on substances only after a thorough analysis.

Famous British journalist Steve Sweeney, who is a member of the British National Union of Journalists, presented the facts of the use of unknown chemical warfare agents by Turkish troops in Syria and Iraq. Sweeney said he had at his disposal irrefutable evidence that the Turkish army is using chemical warfare agents against the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. Photos and videos are provided as evidence.

Remarkable is the fact that earlier the RF Ministry of Defense, referring to intelligence data, reported that militants in northern Syria were able to take possession of containers with toxic substances, and given the close alliance of terrorists and Ankara, it is likely that the militants could have been transferred to the militants. Turkish army.