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Turkish military crossed the border of Armenia - their exact number is unknown

Turkish forces have been spotted in Armenia.

After about a thousand Azerbaijani troops were deployed on the territory of Armenia, violating the Armenian border from Azerbaijan, it became known about the presence of Turkish troops in the region. So, a few hours ago, photographs were published, which captured a soldier of the Turkish army, as evidenced by the corresponding emblem of the Turkish armed forces.

In the presented photograph taken in the surveillance device, you can actually see a soldier with the emblem of the Turkish armed forces. Baku has not yet given any comments on this matter, however, apparently, Turkey and Azerbaijan are really considering the occupation of a part of the territory of Armenia, in order to gain access to Nakhichevan, and, as a result, direct connection of Turkey with the main part of Azerbaijan.

At the moment, the number of Turkish military personnel who are stationed in Armenia remains unknown, however, this is not the first time that Turkish military penetrates into Armenia through the Azerbaijani border - according to various estimates, we are talking about several dozen Turkish military personnel, although official comments from Ankara's side on this score.

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Yeah! The warmongers between Armenia and Azerbaijan will not calm down in any way. These two peoples are not allowed to live in peace. Very sorry.

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