The Turkish military shamefully defected in northern Syria, abandoning military equipment. Video

The Turkish military was not ready for a counteroffensive.

Despite the fact that the Turkish army and militants intended to storm the Syrian city of Manbij, where the Russian military units are currently located, unable to withstand the counter-attacks by the Syrian democratic forces, the latter shamefully abandoned military equipment and deserted from the battlefield.

According to the Telegram community of Gallifrey Technologies, demonstrating the corresponding video frames, the Turkish military, and license plates testify to this, threw an armored car and disappeared in an unknown direction.

Representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Defense have not yet commented on the published video frames, however, this is one of the first evidence of the desertion of the Turkish military. It should be clarified that earlier it became known that the Turkish F-16 pilots had to retreat from the border with Syria and interrupt the military operation associated with delivering attacks on Manbij due to the appearance of Russian Su-35 in the sky.

It should be noted that experts assess the chances of terrorists to succeed in taking the city of Manbij by storm as absolutely unrealistic.

“The approaches to Manbij from the north are perfectly protected. Even if we assume that the terrorists will go on an open large-scale attack, Russian and Syrian combat aircraft could inflict a serious defeat on the fighters even on the approaches. ”, - the expert notes.