Turkish military planes staged a dangerous provocation near Russian borders twice a day

Turkey launched a provocation against Russia in the Black Sea.

Turkish warplanes have staged dangerous provocations near Russian borders twice in the past 24 hours. So, according to information available to the information portal, a few hours ago, a Turkish military electronic warfare and electronic reconnaissance aircraft headed towards the Crimea, after which it headed for the eastern coast of the Black Sea, coming quite close to the borders of Russia. A few hours later, the same plane carried out a similar reconnaissance operation near the Russian borders, thereby forcing the Russian military to pay attention to Ankara's actions.

In the images presented, you can see the routes of movement of the Turkish military electronic warfare and electronic reconnaissance aircraft ATR 72-600TMPA with the callsign MARTI29. Apparently, the Turkish military acted in synergy with the US forces, since at the same time American military reconnaissance aircraft were also in the air.

At the moment, the purpose of the flight near the Russian borders remains unknown, however, apparently, in addition to conducting reconnaissance, the Turkish military also tried to interfere with the work of Russian warships, which were previously seen escorting an American coast guard ship, which, by the way, today just arrived in Georgia in the morning.

The frequent provocations of Ankara against Russia can lead to very serious problems for Turkey.

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