Turkish military shot down two Russian drone

Turkey attacked Russian reconnaissance drones and shot them down.

Representatives of the Syrian Arab army announced that the Russian military over the past 48 hours lost two unmanned aerial vehicles in the provinces of Latakia and Idlib, which were shot down not by militants, but by the Turkish military. Presumably with the help of air defense systems deployed in the Arab Republic. We are talking about drones that were in the arsenal of the Russian military and monitored the situation in the areas of de-escalation of the conflict.

“On June 2, 2020, the Syrian government army published a military report stating that two drones of the Russian Air Force were shot down one after another in the province of Hama and the province of Idlib. The Syrian government army said that the Turkish army shot down two Russian drones, while the Turkish side confirmed that the Turkish military shot down two Russian reconnaissance drones on the eve (June 1), just a few hours after the Russian and Turkish talks on the situation in Idlib failed. The incident was recorded by experts and allegedly occurred on the plain of Gabe in the province of Hama "- сообщает with reference to the CAA edition of Sohu.

It is noteworthy that it was for this reason that the Russian military could launch an attack on the positions of militants in northwestern Syria, and, according to some reports, one of the Turkish air defense systems was destroyed.

This is the first known case in the last few months when Turkey began to attack Russian drones, which could result in very serious troubles for Ankara.

Russian combat laser shot down by Israeli drone in Syria - media
The Sina Military portal said that Russia has tested its new Peresvet laser complex in Syria.

According to published information, Russia, using new weapons, shot down an Israeli drone in late May in southwestern Syria.

"Beam weapons seem to have become a major cliché in science fiction. However, there has recently been news that Russian beams shot down an Israeli drone. May 27 Israeli military aircraft suddenly attacked the Golan Heights in southwestern Syria, and a Syrian soldier unfortunately, he was killed. It turned out that on the same day, Israeli aircraft went to the Syrian border for reconnaissance. The Syrian army was afraid of subsequent Israeli air strikes and launched anti-aircraft missiles to prepare for the downing of the aircraft. As a result, it turned out that the drone camera sent by the Israeli the military didn’t show signs of missiles and anti-aircraft gun launches that day. The drone was shot down over Syrian territory without warning. The Israeli side suspected the use of Russian weapons with beam particles, "Sina Military reports.