Turkish military


Turkish troops and columns of Turkish military equipment entered Karabakh

Turkey transferred its troops and equipment to the territory of Karabakh.

The Turkish military entered the territory of Karabakh and transferred their weapons and equipment here. The transfer of Turkish troops and equipment was carried out through the territory of Azerbaijan. Moreover, the military and weapons themselves arrived in Azerbaijan a few days ago, when the high activity of the Turkish and Azerbaijani military transport aircraft was noted. As expected, this was due to tensions on the border between Azerbaijan and Iran.

Information about the transfer of Turkish troops, weapons and equipment to Karabakh was presented by international Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin, however, the latter admits that no evidence of this can be provided at the moment.

It is quite remarkable that serious violations have been observed on the border of Azerbaijan and Armenia for several days in a row. This does not exclude the possibility that the Azerbaijani authorities decided to involve the Turkish military in the situation, although at the moment neither Baku nor Ankara comment on this data.

Ранее in Iran announced that they have information about the intentions of Turkey and Azerbaijan to attack Syunik in order to create a corridor to connect the territory of Azerbaijan with Nakhichevan, as well as to cut off Iran from Armenia, thereby closing the possibility for Russian military aviation to fly to the region.

A day earlier, Artsakh announced Azerbaijani drone strikes on a group of Armenian military personnel.

Eighty million Turkey and XNUMX million Azerbaijan flex their muscles with the one hundred thousandth Karabakh ...

Azeris and Turks are still not one nation, this slogan was thrown out by Heydar Aliyev in order to break away from Russia ...

Andrey, that's right, the Armenians know how to fight, but it's very difficult against modern and advanced technology, the story is like this, before, from the beginning of the Artsakh movement, well, the Karabakh Armenians do not want to live under the rule of the Azeris, if the Armenians were successful on the battlefield, Russia became the elder brother of Azerbaijan , immediately became a peacemaker, summoned to Moscow, and stopped the forward movement of the arman.
Turks and Azeris will never be allies of Russia, they have one nation, two states. I do not want to dwell on many obvious aspects, but a Turk remains a Turk!

Very objective and deep analysis.

In any case, if the opportunity arises, they will climb here and there, these are the Turks, their own benefit is more important to them, they can stick a knife in the back for this

What side is Russia here?

Strategically, this is an expected action.

Armenia is, in fact, the territory of the Russian Empire, then the USSR, and now Russia, once conquered from the Turks! Now, this territory, inhabited by 2 million civilians, absolutely not able to fight the population, not trained by their elder "brother" to fight, not having modern military weapons provided by Russia, are abandoned to the mercy of fate alone with 100 million Turks, armed to the teeth with the most modern weapons, including unmanned aircraft, and the Turkish army is one of the strongest in the world. Russia is very afraid of Turkish power and for the last 100 years has only made concessions, providing all kinds of benefits (weapons, gold money under the Bolsheviks and South Stream, 10 million annual tourists, S-400, nuclear power plants now), calling it cooperation , although Turkey with its satellite - Azerbaijan openly spits in our face - we will not list many facts, and the murder of the ambassador, and the downed planes, helicopters, the lawlessness of the Turks in Syria, the surrender of the Alexandropol province (the so-called Karabakh), etc.
The question arises: why at one time Russia conquered Armenia from the Turks, thereby turning them against the Armenians, provoked genocide and the destruction of several million Christian civilians - Armenians, Greeks, Yezidis, Assyrians in 1914-1915? Although these peoples coexisted peacefully on the territory of the Ottoman Empire for at least 800 years !!! And now despicably leaving one on one with this brutal colossus, thirsting for a historical revenge. It's like throwing your child into the mouth of a beast or into the mouth of a volcano!

don't worry, millions of Armenians in Russia will soon go to Karabakh to chase the Turks

Maximum we can boycott Turkish tomatoes and then, for a couple of days! That's all politics

While Russia is climbing into Syria, the Turks are climbing to the Russian borders.

Turkey has decided that Syria and Afghanistan are not enough for it ... Erdogan is trying to turn Nagorno-Karabakh into his base and Azerbadzhan into a satellite ... and use the Azerbadzhan oil resources in exchange for weapons that, in peace between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iran ... no one will need ..

Do not confuse Russia with the people who have seized power in it.

Someone heard the ringing, but does not know where it came from.

Russia is turning into some kind of TORTURE, all and sundry insult and wipe their feet on it, but it endures and endures everything.

While the Kremlin pretends that it is somehow capable of influencing Erdogan, he shows the whole world that if you behave arrogantly, you can wipe your feet about Russia, as he does, on all fronts.