Turkish armored vehicles


Turkish troops broke through the border and entered the territory of Syria

Turkey has launched a military operation in Syria.

Today, immediately after midnight, Turkey launched its military operation in Syria. According to Syrian sources, several huge convoys of military equipment and Turkish troops crossed the Syrian border and entered Syrian territory at once.

As it became known to Avia.pro, two huge columns of army trucks and armored vehicles immediately crossed the Syrian border and entered the territory of the El Salame settlement. We are talking mainly about army trucks with Turkish soldiers, weapons and ammunition in them. Later, another military column of the Turkish military was seen on the territory of the Syrian city of Azaz, where Turkish troops were deployed. We are talking about several dozen units of military equipment.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian city of Azaz, in its essence, opens up the possibility for the Turkish military to attack Aleppo, since according to Turkish sources and a number of Syrian journalists, the Turkish army intends to gain control over this region, despite the fact that Aleppo is located much beyond the 30-kilometer zone in which Turkey intends to conduct its military operation.

At the moment, there have been no clashes between the Turkish and Syrian military in the region, however, according to experts, Turkey is only accumulating its forces.