Turkish military


Turkish military was offered to evacuate from the environment, leaving the equipment as trophies

Turkish military will be allowed to leave the environment, but without weapons and equipment.

The Turkish military, surrounded by the Syrian government forces, can leave the area of ​​Morek and cross into the central or northern part of Idlib province, but without weapons and equipment, which previously tried to break through to the southern part of Khan Sheikhun.

At the moment, this information is unofficial, but the Syrian government forces control the entire area where the Turkish military is located, while this is not only about the Turkish army, but also about 2,5 thousand militants.

“We are ready to provide buses to the Turkish military for evacuation to the north, but we cannot allow military equipment and weapons to move from this area because of the existing risk of an escalation of the situation north of Khan Sheikhun”, - reports a source in the Syrian army.

Nevertheless, taking into account the information provided by the Turkish side, there is still no talk of evacuating the military from the area of ​​Morek settlement, despite the Syrian military’s warning that it is ready to begin to take control of settlements south of Khan Sheikhun.

“Right now we have no intention of moving to another place”, - quotes the words of the Turkish Foreign Minister as “Al masdar news».

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Turkish military chiefs are now racking their brains on how to get out of this situation with the least losses. Obviously, parting with weapons and equipment, like the situation itself, was not part of their plans