Turkish drone Bayraktar TB2 dangerously flew up to the northern part of Crimea

Turkish drones Bayraktar TB2 began to "feel" Russian air defense systems in Crimea.

Several hours ago, the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 multipurpose attack unmanned aerial vehicle, having risen from one of the military bases on the territory of Ukraine, flew to the northern borders of Crimea. According to sources, the drone was spotted in the Kherson area, however, it later stopped being tracked by publicly available monitoring resources, which does not exclude the possibility that the UAV could approach the Russian borders at a distance of several tens of kilometers.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether this drone belongs to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or whether it was used by Turkey, however, given the fact that such drones have learned to bypass the air defense systems in service with Russia, experts express very serious concerns about the appearance of such UAVs nearby with the Crimea.

“Turkey not only does not recognize the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation, but also declares that Crimea has always been a part of Turkey. It is possible that Ankara may try to challenge Russia by acting through the territory of Ukraine ", - emphasizes the specialist.

It should be noted that within the framework of the last conflict, the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UAVs have successfully demonstrated the ability to bypass the radars of such modern air defense systems as the Tor air defense missile system, S-300, etc.

This makes no sense...
the fact that when selling equipment, the buyer forgets to send personnel for training is an immediate failure. If the type of soldier equips a mine in a mortar on the contrary, is it the manufacturer's fault?

"Bayraktar" showed the possibility of damage to radio monitoring equipment and some air defense systems in their inoperative state or in violation of the rules for using the calculation (the video was posted quite a lot).
In addition, many air defense systems, bought in tribute to fashion, because it is prestigious, cannot work outside of a unified air defense system, like solo performers. There were no mock-ups and "radio ambushes". Of course, Turkey is proud of its UAVs, but UAVs are not the basis of offensive weapons, no one in the modern army will wait for the Bayraktar to arrive a second time, but they will strike a preemptive strike on their deployment and on important objects, and the UAVs will not protect them here.



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