Turkish drone strikes Syria

Turkey has launched strikes on the territory of Syria.

Turkish attack drone Bayraktar TB2 struck the territory of the Syrian city of Ain al-Arab. The attack was allegedly carried out by a Turkish drone from Syrian airspace. At the same time, at least three people were killed. Initially, the drone carried out some intelligence activities, however, later it struck a vehicle in which, according to Kurdish information resources, was one of the leaders of the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

On the presented video frames, you can see the first moments after the attack of the Turkish drone. Moreover, after the attack, the latter did not linger in the airspace of Syria and immediately went into the airspace of Turkey, obviously fearing that the Syrian air defense systems deployed in the Aleppo region would attack the drone.

This is not the first time that Turkish drones are striking the territory of Syria, in particular, the last strike of a Turkish drone was recorded on October 20, however, the Turkish military has not yet decided to act against the Syrian army, completely justifiably fearing retaliatory strikes from the SAA. and probably Russia. At the same time, two days ago, a Turkish strike UAV ANKA-S was seen in the skies over the Russian military airbase in Kamishli - the latter did not show aggression, however, this is a very serious provocation of Ankara against Russia.

Well, as long as they stand on ceremony with the Turks, it will continue.



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