Turkish drone flew to the Russian airbase in Gyumri at the distance of a direct air strike

Turkey is practicing a strike on the Russian airbase in Gyumri.

A few hours ago, experts involved in airspace monitoring drew attention to the Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle of the Bayraktar TB2 type, which, after taking off from one of the military bases, headed east of Turkey, flying up to the Russian military air base in Gyumri at a distance of a direct missile strike. According to analysts, Ankara may well be practicing strikes on a Russian military airfield, where, according to available data, there are four fighters of the Armenian Air Force.

The presented footage shows how the Turkish Bayraktar TB-2 drone is flying at a distance of 20-25 kilometers from the Gyumri airbase. The drone was in Turkish airspace, however, taking into account such a distance, it could well strike at the Gyumri airbase, and, most likely, the strike could have hit the Su-30SM fighters based here.

"Erdogan understands very well that under no circumstances will he be able to compete with Russia, so it is obvious that the drone could carry out preparations for strikes against Su-30 fighters in order to finally suppress any air activity.", - the analyst notes.

There was no official comment on this from Ankara, however, the appearance of a Turkish drone at a distance of a direct missile strike clearly carries a threat.

Shoot down is not a problem. The question is for what? This is not for you to play "Chapaev" on the chessboard. Save your fingers for the right Move! However, to whom am I saying this: Most of you are just amateurs.

The photo clearly shows that the drone is located in Turkey.

No need to rush to regret, Iran has UAV forces over its territory. The Iranian Armed Forces shot down a UAV near the city of Malekan in northwestern Iran. This was reported on September 29 by the Iranian edition of Khabar Online ... We cannot invade Turkish airspace.

We can only feel deep regret if the Iranians or another self-respecting country would have shot down without ceremony.