A Turkish drone destroyed another Pantsir-S air defense missile defense system in Libya - already the 20th. Video

As a result of the strike of the Turkish drone, another Pantsir-C1 air defense missile system was destroyed» - already the twentieth.

The Turkish military destroyed another Pantsir-S1E air defense system in the territory of Libya, which was in service with the Libyan National Army. The Russian air defense system, transported to Libya from the UAE, has already become “anniversary” - over the past two months, the Turks destroyed and captured 20 Pantsir-S air defense missile systems, although objective evidence is available for only five systems.

"Confirmed: Shell-S1E Libyan national army destroyed by a Turkish drone in Tarhun, in Libya», - reports “Twitter” account “Last Defender”, publishing the corresponding video.

Judging by the presented video frames, a Russian-made complex was destroyed as a result of an unmanned aerial vehicle hitting a hangar shelter, while the combat vehicle itself, judging by the damage received, is no longer suitable for use and cannot be restored.

There are no official comments from the Libyan National Army on this subject, however, the large-scale retreat of the LNA forces from strategically important areas of the country indicates the fact that the preponderance of forces is currently on the side of the current Libyan government.

Given the information presented on the video, the “Shell-S1E” was not in a combat position, since it could not hit targets deployed inside the hangar. Nevertheless, the fact that other Haftar army air defense systems did not detect the Turkish drone, this raises a lot of questions regarding the reliability of such a system.