Turkish drone spotted near Russian military base in Syria

Turkey staged another dangerous provocation in Syria.

Despite the fact that the Russian side categorically opposes any escalation in northern Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said not only that he was not going to ask permission for a military operation, but also endangered facilities used by the Russian military. As it became known, a few hours ago, Turkish attack drones, ignoring warnings, were seen just a few kilometers from the military air base in Qamishli, which was and is currently being used by the Russian military.

According to Turkish resources, unmanned aerial vehicles were used for surveillance, although they carried weapons. Given the fact that Russian military facilities have already been repeatedly attacked using unmanned aerial vehicles, this created a very serious threat, especially since Moscow has repeatedly warned Ankara about the inadmissibility of creating provocations against the legitimate presence of the Russian military in Syria.

It is known that the Turkish drone, which was near the Russian military base, did not take any attacking actions, however, such behavior on the part of Turkey is completely unacceptable.


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