Turkish jihadist attempted to attack a Russian bomber and withdrew a blow on himself

The jihadist filmed a powerful blow from a Russian bomber.

An attempt by Turkish jihadists to attack a Russian combat aircraft ended not in favor of the terrorists. So, one of the members of an illegal gang in Syria tried to film the moment of the attack on a Russian bomber, however, the Russian plane struck a blow - this is the last thing that the jihadist managed to remove.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment shot a few moments after the unsuccessful attempt by the jihadists to attack the Russian Aerospace Forces. The latter obviously guessed that they had now become the target of a Russian bomber and tried to quickly change their position, but almost immediately came under an air strike - the latter was delivered only a few meters away.

It is known that the filming of the video of the attack on the Russian military and the process of the air strike was a member of the so-called. organization "White Helmets", which provides all kinds of assistance to jihadists, and it is precisely behind a series of chemical attacks in Syria that this organization is.

According to some reports, the video itself was filmed several years ago during a serious confrontation between the jihadists and the Russian and Syrian military.