Shot down su-25 attack aircraft


Turkish F-16 shot down a Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian Air Force

A Turkish F-16 fighter shot down a Su-25 Armenian Air Force attack aircraft.

A few hours ago, an F-16 fighter of the Turkish Air Force shot down a Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian Air Force in Armenian airspace. The data on this matter have already been confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, but the fate of the pilot still remains unknown - according to unofficial data, he managed to leave the plane (it is reported about a parachute seen in the sky).

This is the first Turkish aggression against neighboring Armenia, in connection with which the Armenian defense department intends to retaliate against the territory of the Turkish military airbases, which was previously officially announced by the Armenian Defense Ministry.

By the current hour, data have appeared from the side of Ankara - the latter officially denies the use of its fighters against Armenia, although at the same time the flights of Turkish F-16 fighters near the border with Armenia are carried out.

According to some reports, the shot down Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian Air Force was used to strike at the positions of the Azerbaijani military.

Experts draw attention to the fact that if Turkey really decided to intervene in the armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, then Russia and Iran could also intervene in it, which in turn could lead to irreparable consequences for the entire region.

Well, where is the CSTO ???

look at the photo of the grandmother in headscarves, winter jackets, the guy in the sweater, and the military man next to "SU" in general in winter uniform. In Armenia, the summer is now 17-25 degrees Celsius, it is hot, like ours. These photos and the news itself is fake. Turks do not fight with us. There are 11 million of us, and there are 2.5 million Armenians in the whole of Armenia. We don't need anyone, we can handle it ourselves.

it's hot in Armenia now, the temperature is 25-28 degrees. And in the photo, next to the broken SU, a soldier in winter uniform. From the sun, his glitches began, overheated. In another photo there is a guy in a warm sweater, it’s strange, because it’s so hot. And what are they in winter clothes? As always, Armenians have fake news and photos.

The 28 Turkish Air Force pilots killed in a terrorist attack allegedly by Kurds is not a downed plane with impunity.

In recent years, Armenia itself has distanced itself from us, so there can be no reflection about "abandoned" here. Themselves left.

Everyone watched a children's cartoon about Leopold the cat ... "Guys, let's live together ..." Even children understand the meaning of these words, but the grown-up guys in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine ... have not grown up with their brains yet. Then you just have to resign from the posts of the presidents of these states. And finally learn to understand the word WORLD !!!

If at one time Russia had not allowed to shoot down its plane and kill the ambassador with impunity, then today the Turks would not behave so brazenly, moreover, there is talk of a readiness to sell the Azeri the latest aircraft, there are few Turkish F-16s, Russia abandoned the campaign Armenia to be torn apart by turcoazers.