The Turkish fighter was better than the Russian Su-57. Video

Turkey announced the lag Su-57 from its fighter.

As part of an air show at Le Bourget, this was not without a tremendous situation for the fifth-generation Russian fighter, the Su-57. As it turned out, the Russian combat aircraft "lags behind" the Turkish fighter.

During the presentation of the Turkish fighter Turkish Fighter-X (TF-X), the official representative of the Turkish Aerospace Industries Corporation stated that by its qualities, the Turkish combat aircraft is the best in Europe, including, probably, it means surpasses the Russian Su-57.

“We have enough strength to build this plane ... the best fighter in Europe”, - it was announced during the presentation.

Does this fact mean that Turkey will still not acquire Russian and American fighters of the fifth generation, and will make a key stake on its own combat aircraft, for the time being remains unknown.

Experts, in turn, note that it is unlikely that Turkey will achieve any significant success, since this country does not possess the necessary technologies for the implementation of such a project, especially alone.

On the other hand, today Turkey is officially suspended from the program of the American F-35, however, negotiations with Russia on the possible purchase of Su-57 fighters have not yet begun, at least officially.

Yes, he and the F-35 better, who would have wondered. But from the flying can only offer brooms.

A country that is not capable of building its own nuclear power plant on its own does not possess its own nuclear technologies, but has only borrowed ones.

“We have enough strength to build this plane ... the best fighter in Europe”
I can also say that I will build a "very cool gravitsapu" with teleportation and telekinesis based on the Tetro-Petro-Puprot-Throne

Technologies, yes, they can change, but there is no independent development of high technologies. So India is not able to develop the technology itself to create an 5 generation aircraft, but wants to get it "for free" like China. But not all such fools give it away.

Everywhere they shout that SU 57 is a bad plane, but for some reason, someone else appears that something that needs to be advertised is always compared to our plane. Why it is not clear why to compare with such a bad one, which does not reach the 5 generation, something else is wrong with it.

Practically in all comments, the snobbyness is just the key. In modern conditions, technology can change literally a year or two. Pakistan is the poorest country that has been able to create nuclear technology in just a few years. But of course, our Red Army is the strongest of all. For some reason, our friend refused from our Su57 India, referring to the fact that he does not reach the fifth generation. And I want to.

Mock hollow.

Che-that on this plywood mock-up, I did not see the nozzle of a jet engine. Turks invented anti-gravity aircraft engines?

What is better than sous-57, is the price, the layout is clearly cheaper
* subtle meaning

Plywood over Paris. No more.

And where is a word about the Su-57 in the speech of the representative of the Turkish company? He himself came up with the news and a loud headline to “high-hop” on it.

Beautiful model from papier-mache. It also flies if it is attached to a helicopter. BUT! YOU ARE THE BEST, unequivocally. : 0

All fighters in the world are better than SU-57 - waiting for Bangladesh to announce that its fighter is better than SU-57. Greater nonsense and can not come up.

Both China and Turkey jump out of their pants for their crafts, and buy weapons from Russia. Clowns

Let them do it first and it will fly.))) Then we’ll talk about lagging behind it.))) And so a plastic toy, nothing more! )))

It seems that Russia and the beginning of the next arms race began to build tanks, hypersound, lasers, unknowable planes, etc., with triple effort!