Turkish convoy with hundreds of troops and armored vehicles surrounded by the Syrian army

The Syrian army surrounded a large military convoy of the Turkish army.

The unwillingness of the Turkish military to leave the observation post near the settlement of Morek led to the encirclement of the Syrian army. At the moment, it is known that all the forces of the Turkish military in this area are concentrated near the settlement of Morek, in particular, we are talking about the 120-150 Turkish military, several tanks, artillery and armored vehicles.

It is known that the Syrian army managed to take the Turkish military into a tight ring - the distance from the positions of the Syrian military to the positions of the Turkish military is about one kilometer. In fact, Turkish troops were under siege, while they were warned about the inadmissibility of any provocative actions against Syrian government forces.

Earlier it was reported that Syria was ready to release the Turkish military from the encirclement, provided that the latter left the observation post without equipment and weapons, but no comments have yet been received from Ankara on this score.

A few hours ago it became known that Turkey sent several more military convoys to Syria to support terrorists.