Turkish attack drone Bayraktar AKINCI strikes with missiles for the first time - the target was Syria

The latest Turkish attack drone Bayraktar AKINCI launched the first missile strikes on Syria.

A few hours ago, the latest Turkish strike unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar AKINCI was first seen over the territory of Syria. As it turned out, the drone did not carry out a reconnaissance mission, but carried out strikes, not only against members of the Kurdish armed groups, but also against the positions of the Syrian military.

In a photograph taken by local residents, it is possible to identify the latest Bayraktar AKINCI UAV. Such drones could previously be seen in flight, however, these aircraft were struck for the first time. Remarkably, the attack was carried out using rocket weapons, and not planning bombs, which was also previously considered uncharacteristic for Turkish drones.

At the moment, there is no information about the destruction and casualties after the Turkish strikes, however, judging by the video footage from the scene, the destruction is very serious, especially considering that instead of standard planning bombs, the Turkish military used short-range cruise missiles.

Remarkably, Ukraine is one of the customers of Turkish attack drones Bayraktar AKINCI. This does not rule out the possibility that Ankara may transfer these drones to Kyiv, citing previously concluded contracts.


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