Turkish warship approached the territorial waters of Russia and headed towards Crimea

Turkey has sent its warship to the Russian borders.

The Turkish warship "Sahil Güvenlik", against the background of the appearance in the Black Sea of ​​American, British and Dutch warships, was sent to the territorial waters of Russia with an unknown purpose. According to data obtained with the help of publicly available monitoring resources that allow tracking the position of sea vessels, a Turkish warship approached about 30 nautical miles to the territorial waters of Russia and stayed in this area for quite a long time, after which it moved threateningly towards the Crimea.

At the moment, the location of the Turkish warship "Sahil Güvenlik" remains unknown - the ship is not tracked by publicly available services, however, according to a number of data, the ship could have been used to escort other Turkish ships in this region, although, apparently, Ankara decided to provoke against the backdrop of the appearance next to Russian territorial waters of Turkey's other NATO partners.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the Turkish warship was accompanied by Russian warships and aircraft, however, there is no talk of violating Russian borders so far.

what is the reason for the word THREATENING, I want to understand who and what he specifically threatened

What does it mean - not tracked? Is he a submarine? It is he who is not tracked on marinertraffic, and those who are supposed to track him down to cable length.

Sahil Guvenlik is not the name of a ship, it means Coast Guard in Turkish. Maybe that's why it is not tracked on services ...)))