The Turks deployed their air defense system in Syria. Against who?

Turkey has begun to deploy its air defense systems in Syria.

Information about the beginning of an imminent confrontation between the Syrian and Russian military on the one hand, and Turkish troops and pro-Turkish militants on the other hand, is confirmed by the fact that the Turkish military began deploying air defense equipment in Idlib.

“The Turkish army is deploying a new air defense system in the Tala al-Nabi Ayoub area, which is the highest hill in Idlib and offers views of Zain al-Abidin Mountain near Hama.”, says the Twitter account Spritter.

As part of the recent large-scale military clashes, not only Syria, but also Russia actively used its aircraft, and given the fact that Turkey does not have full-fledged radars in this area, fire from deployed air defense systems will almost certainly be fired at any air targets, about which no doubt, in Turkey they know very well.

“Today, Turkey’s armaments are exclusively equipped with short-range air defense systems, however, in Ankara they will obviously want to cover themselves, and in the case of any emergency with Russian military aircraft, they will refer to the fact that the fire was opened by the militants”, - the expert marks.


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