“Half the house was blown away, guys! The UAV fell”: Residents of St. Petersburg comment on the fall of a drone on a residential building

Early in the morning, an emergency occurred in St. Petersburg, causing serious concern among local residents. According to Telegram channel “112”, a residential building in the Krasnogvardeisky district of the city was attacked by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The incident was accompanied by a loud explosion, preceded by the sound of an engine in the sky.

Witnesses of the explosion shared the situation in the first minutes after the incident.

One of the residents of the house on Pikarevskaya Street, into which the drone crashed, filmed the first minutes after the incident.

“Half the house was blown away, guys! The UAV fell,” - he comments on the situation.

Marina Pozdnyakova, a resident of the area, told RIA Novosti that at the time of the emergency she was sleeping, but was awakened by a powerful explosion. According to her, as a result of the incident, a small fire broke out on the second floor balcony of a neighboring house.

“About 7 am. It shook. The daughter and granddaughter woke up from the explosion. They ran out into the street. There was no severe fire. On the second floor on the balcony (of the neighboring house) there is a small flame, a small hearth. Thank God it worked out", - shared Pozdnyakova.

The Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, confirmed that the incident occurred in the Krasnogvardeisky district, adding that the glazing of the balconies of two houses was partially damaged. According to him, there were no casualties, the affected residents were evacuated. Beglov headed the operational headquarters, but the reasons for what happened have not yet been explained. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and law enforcement agencies are working at the scene of the emergency.


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