LAW C-300B4


"You fly up, if that": Russia has placed a revolutionary air defense system right next to Japan

Russia has deployed one of the most advanced air defense systems in the world on the Kuril Islands.

Against the background of a serious escalation of the situation around a group of four Russian islands, which Japan and the United States threatened to take away from Russia, the Russian military deployed on Iturup the revolutionary S-300V4 air defense system, which is almost identical in its combat capabilities to the S-400 complexes. The reason for the deployment of Russian air defense systems here was the provocative flights of American strategic bombers and the deployment by Japan of missile defense systems capable of striking with tactical missiles.

“The crews of the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Eastern Military District, equipped with an anti-aircraft missile system of the military air defense S-300V4, for the first time took up combat duty on Iturup Island. This was announced on Tuesday December 1, 2020 by the press service of the Eastern Military District. During 2020, American strategic bombers B-1B and B-52H flew into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk several times through the Kuril straits, without violating the borders of the Russian Federation, the flight of which was controlled by Russian Su-35S fighters ", - about it сообщает Russian news agency "Anna News".

According to analysts, the deployment of the Russian S-300B4 is a spectacular response to the United States and Washington's allies.

“The Americans can violate Russian air borders as much as they want, but each time their planes will go astray. As they say, fly up if anything ", - the expert emphasizes.

How is it identical to the S-400? Fundamentally different systems, they even have different missiles. Maybe she's even better than XNUMX.