A thousand shots, a thousand misses: The American C-RAM system did not shoot down the missiles fired at Baghdad. Video

The American air defense system C-RAM fired more than a thousand shells at the missiles and none of them hit.

The American C-RAM system, which provides security for the "green zone" of Baghdad, was first activated by the launches of several missiles at the American diplomatic mission, however, despite almost a thousand shots fired from the rapid-fire cannon, none of the shells hit any one missile - the effectiveness of this weapon was 0%.

In the video frames presented, you can see how the American C-RAM air defense system is firing at targets in the sky, however, the spread of the projectiles fired is simply colossal, and given the small dimensions of the projectiles themselves, the likelihood of their destruction in this case is very low.

Moreover, given the fact that the system is designed to defeat targets over the Iraqi capital, there is a possibility that the property of citizens could be hit by shells and shrapnel, and with such a large number of them, it is likely that the civilian population will be covered with fire.

At the moment, it is known that the missiles fired, probably by the Iranian grouping, fell outside the "green zone", however, given the fact that the United States has not yet managed to intercept a single missile, it is logical to assume that the pro-Iranian groups will continue to launch missiles by the American Embassy.

We are engaged in complacency, they say, not only we miss the mark.

The second video clearly shows the hit, so why lie in the article?

but the name of the system is one hundred percent justified. What do you call the boat, so it will float