Thousands of American sailors rioted on board the aircraft carrier. Video

The US Navy rebelled due to the resignation of the commander of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt.

The American sailors demanded that the commander of the aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt" be reinstated, staging a real protest against the actions of the US Navy command. The corresponding petition has already collected more than 200 thousand signatures out of 300 thousand required, which indicates that the dismissed commander of the American aircraft carrier is supported not only by his team members, but also by other military personnel.

In the video footage presented, you can see how the commander of the aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt" leaves the warship to applause from the crew member, while the sailors even shout anti-American phrases, which indicates the seriousness of the situation and even the actual riot. To date, according to unofficial data, there are already more than 300 infected crew members on board the American aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, but the US Navy command refuses to evacuate the infected, stating that the situation is not critical.

Experts do not exclude that such a revolt on the part of American naval sailors testifies to the undermining of confidence in command, and this can become a very serious problem in the near future.