satellite images of the Russian Armed Forces camp near the Crimean borders appeared


Thousands of pieces of equipment, tens of thousands of servicemen - satellite images of the Russian Armed Forces camp near the Crimean borders have appeared

The Ukrainian Armed Forces were afraid to enter the Crimea and Donbass due to the colossal superiority of the Russian troops.

Following the emergence of numerous data on the transfer of Russian armed forces to the borders of Ukraine, the first satellite images appeared, demonstrating the scale of the deployment of forces of the Russian army. As it turned out, we are talking about thousands of pieces of equipment and tens of thousands of servicemen, and the camp itself is so large that Western military analysts have compared it to a "city of Russian troops."

On the satellite images presented, you can see the scale of the military camp of the Russian Armed Forces deployed on the coast of Crimea, while, according to the Spiegel publication, the deployment of Russian troops here began in the middle of last month.

"The magazine" Der Spiegel "published satellite images of the camp of the Russian Armed Forces, erected from March 15 to April 2 on the coast of Crimea. There are thousands of units of military equipment, tents of personnel and fortifications in the camp, ”reports the Telegram-community“ Military Informant ”with reference to the German media.

Earlier it became known that we can talk about a 40-thousand-strong army of Russian military, however, judging by the scale of the camp, the number of Russian military personnel can be much larger and reach 60 thousand people.

THAT IS EXACTLY, they have nothing. over the past 30 years, nothing has been acquired other than new chains. what should they fight for?
It is only beautiful to die in battle all the joy. "in peace and death is red." and where does the Russian? will go for Russia and the Chechens and Buryats with the Chukchi (although they need to be preserved, there are 20-30 thousand of them left)

No matter how much you pull, you need to fight. If Kiev and NATO are waiting for a coup d'etat in Russia, they can wait for a military one.
Stop keeping the world in suspense.

Let the guys warm up, it's good that the exercises are not in the tundra. I hope they have enough water there.

Russia has never looked for war and does not want even today, no matter how much the "BROTHERS" annoy her ..... Russia, if it does answer, it is only forced, because it perfectly understands that any war is a victim ... not only in the camp of enemies (for whom, too, it is a pity, these are the same people as we are!). How many centuries have been told to the world ..... DO NOT TOUCH RUSSIANS !!! EVERYBODY WILL BE SOUL !!! The Russians are going into battle, like the last time ... THEY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, except their chains ...

On his own land he can do everything and not ask anyone